BH LTE240+++ CAC​

Oikukas Calista


Oikukas Calista

  • pet name: Myrtti
  • breed: belgian shepherd malinois
  • sex: female
  • date of birth: 16.2.2018
  • color: sable
  • pedigree: FI19417/18 (working-dog ID: 6380346)
  • breeder: Jutta Salmi, kennel Oikukas
  • owner: Aino Vakkilainen
Health info
  • Hips: A/A (7.8.2020)
  • Eyes: clear (7.12.2020)
  • Elbows: 0/0 (7.8.2020)
  • Knees: 0/0 (7.12.2020)
  • Back: VA0, SP0, LTV0 (7.8.2020)
  • Heart: ok (7.12.2020)
  • SDCA1: N/N
  • SDCA2: N/N
  • DM: N/N

Myrtti is nice and easy pal in everyday life. At home she’s peaceful and silent, but loves to be around people. She likes to watch my chores from the corner of sofa or at her own bed. Althought I don’t have to ask twice if we’re about to go out or if it’s mealtime.

Myrtti loves to dominate while training. In all her self-importantness she knows that she’s best in the world. Myrtti is more defence oriented, but has good prey drive too. She has strong and deep, whole mouth bite. Myrtti is pretty strong and sturdy, big female, who can also be rabid and fast. Her sharpness and livelyness are balanced.

Myrtti trains tracking for utility dogs and obedience. She learns quickly and is eager training buddy, who has lot of desire to fight. Myrtti is natural tracker and loves to use her nose. She has no problems with different surfaces or noises .

Myrtti is extremely social and open with humans. She doesn’t care too much about other dogs. Myrtti has been healthy for her whole life.

Myrtti doesn’t have the greatest appetite, but can be rewarded well with raw meat or treats for example. Myrtti likes to scent track animals, but that is well controlled with training.

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BH (behaviour test)

LTE (Character test)

  • Capability to function: +2 good
  • Sharpness: +3 moderate without post-attack aggression
  • Desire for defence action: +3 moderate, controlled
  • Desire to fight: +2a moderate
  • Nerve structure: +2 balanced
  • Temperament: +3 lively
  • Hardness: +3 moderately hard
  • Accessibility: +3 accessible, kind, open
  • Gunshots: +++ safe to gunshot, no reaction


Obedience test

  • Lay down: 10 (40)
  • Heelwork: 8 (24)
  • Lay out of motion: 10 (20)
  • Recall: 9 (18)
  • Dumbbell holding: 10 (20)
  • Positions: 10 (20)
  • Obstacle jump: 8 (16)
  • Overall impression: 8 (16)
  • Lay down: 10 (40)
  • Heelwork: 8 (24)
  • Lay out of motion: 9 (18)
  • Recall: 6 (18)
  • Dumbbell holding: 8 (16)
  • Positions: 10 (20)
  • Obstacle jump: 10 (20)
  • Overall impression: 10 (20)

  • Lay down: 10 (40)
  • Heelwork: 10 (30)
  • Lay out of motion: 10 (20)
  • Recall: 10 (30)
  • Dumbbell holding: 8 (16)
  • Positions: 10 (20)
  • Obstacle jump: 7 (14)
  • Overall impression: 10 (20)

Rally obedience

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“14 months. Powerful female. Head looks like a little bit masculine. Big ears. Very good topline, very good angulations, chest. Powerful movement in side view.”

“Kookas hyvin kehittynyt narttupentu. Hyvä pää & ilme. Hyvät korvat. Erittäin hyvin kulmautunut edestä. Sopiva luusto. Hyvä runko. Hyvä takaosa, leveä reisi. Liikkuu vaivattomasti. Saisi kantaa häntäänsä kauniimmin liikkeessä.”

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