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Hi! I’m Miira Bruun, practical nurse from Heinola born in -95. Shortly my goal is to breed Short-haired Dutch Shepherds on small-scale for sport and working, and give my best for supporting the future of Dutchies. Life with dogs has completely sweep on me and they’re huge part oft my life everyday.

I completed breeding basics course on 10/2018 and applied for a kennel name soon after that for kennel name Hulttion. I’m planing going on follow-up course when convenience comes by.

Even before Nasta the Bichon Frisé came around, I’ve dreamt about working dog and I might have gotten one if I didn’t still live with my parents back then. My options with breeds were White Shepherd, German Shepherd and Smooth Collie. I’m glad I didn’t take any of those back when I was 18-years-old and things went how they went. Thought there was that emptiness and you might guess Nasta wasn’t all what I asked for in dog. After dreaming of White Shepherd and German Shepherd for long, I stumbled across Dutch Shepherds. I wonder how I never came across the breed earlier, the Short-haired version seemed like great choice. For a long time I followed one certain female Dutchie, who seemed just like the dog I had been dreaming of. She was having a litter, but unfortunately suitable male wasn’t born. Blessing in disguise, in early 2016 I found a dog looking for home who was born in 8/2015. So I got Hype (Working Stripes Amir), my first Dutchie, first dog to compete with and really set up my goals.

The past years have made me realize that I have found my own breed. I’m ready to work on the breed and help it forward.

Me as a breeder?

I’m willing to do meaningful acts, as you could assume a breeder to do for the breed.

Puppies bred by me will be registered, checked by vet, had multiple dewormings, and puppy character tested. Also every puppy will have my support for at least whole life.

My goal is to breed nothing but great and versatile working dog, with balanced health and temperament.